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Not all that long ago I was sitting in the sunshine on holiday, thinking 'wouldn't it be lovely if life could be like this?'

I was an accountant who had experienced times of significant hard work, long hours and stress. I was constantly striving to be the "best", and never quite reaching that goal. I suffered from stress and anxiety that affected my physical health.


I became dissatisfied with life and knew that I wanted something more - something fulfilling and motivating, and something that gave me back my energy and joie de vivre. 

With the idea of that retreat in mind, I went on a journey of self discovery - who am I, what do I want, what are my strengths and challenges - and how do I make this dream happen?

I discovered Coaching and Mindfulness.

I also discovered the power of creativity on wellbeing and the transformational impact it has had on me.

I discovered how empowered I could be, taking charge of my own life, and making my dream happen.

None of this came easily, however. I have had to work hard. I have also had some help. I was coached on this life change and how to make it happen, receiving help to clarify my goals and how to achieve them. 

I am now a qualified Transformational Life Coach, having trained with Animas, and am  passionate about helping others to achieve their dreams.

I am now a qualified Mindfulness Teacher, having qualified with Mindfulness Now, and I do my best to live mindfully and inspire and teach others to do the same.

I have also set up Being Ewe, an enterprise to help people be more creative, and improving their wellbeing along the way. There's nothing better than some meditative stabbing of a stitching project!

And finally.... we have moved to a wonderful part of the world in the North Pennines, to a rural house with stunning views, that we have made into a retreat in Hill Top Haven. Hill Top Haven is a personal, bespoke retreat where you (and we!) can allow the serenity and tranquility of the views to calm our minds and souls, while enjoying Afternoon Tea on the terrace or hot chocolate and marshmallows around our unique fire pit.  

While life is always a work in progress, I have found my balance, and want to help you find yours.

I firmly believe that we all have the resources inside ourselves to achieve our goals. 

If I can make my dream happen, so can you... with a little bit of help, just like me.