Be the best YOU you can be

Life and Career Coaching

Whatever your reasons for choosing coaching, if you're looking at this website, it means that you need a helping hand. 

Maybe you have tried to manage yourself, but you're stuck.

Maybe you need someone to help you think through the problem and work out what's really going on - someone to help you work out the best way forward and determine what you need to do and how to get there.

I can help you. Working with you, I am ready and able to help you work out how to be the best YOU you can be.


Together we form a partnership where I am your realistic and practical cheerleader. 

In a non-judgemental and empathetic way, we talk through what is bothering you. We dig a bit deeper to understand what lies underneath. Then, using our combined skills and training, we work out what the future looks like - or maybe what your best self looks like - and we work out how to get there in a way that's achievable. We do this in a completely confidential and safe space.

During our conversation I am 100% focussed on you - on understanding and helping you. 

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative, non-directive conversation between coach and client that can bring about profound change through questions, reflection, choices and new behaviours.
Source: Animas Centre for Coaching

What does that mean?

That means that coaching is a conversation between you and me. 

You have my full attention while you tell me what you would like help with. 

I don't tell you the answers.

Instead, I work WITH you to help you work out how to solve the challenges you've raised. 

I ask targeted questions, reflect back what you've told me, and am 100% focussed on you.

How Can Coaching Help Me?

Find Clarity | Achieve your Goals | Take Control | Increase Confidence | Better Work-life Balance

  • I have a job interview and I'm nervous 

  • I'm starting up a new business, and I need a cheerleader to keep me on track

  • I've just been made a manager and I'm struggling with managing the team

  • I want to get fit, but I keep self-sabotaging. Why is that?

  • I keep putting things off and procrastinating. Why do I do that, and how can I improve?

  • I want that promotion, but I don't have the confidence

  • I like my job, but I'm unhappy at work, and I don't know why

  • I want to be more motivated

  • I want something more from life, but I don't know what

  • I know what I want, but I don't know how to get there

  • I want a better work-life balance, but I'm stuck in a rut

  • I have a big decision to make, and I just can't decide how to choose

  • I'm anxious about something and I need someone impartial to talk it through with

  • I want to understand myself better

This isn't a definitive list, but hopefully it gives you an idea of how I can help you

Free Introduction Conversation

Before starting any journey together, we have a (free) introductory conversation.
In this, we explore what coaching is, and make sure that the journey is right for you. 

You also have the opportunity to ask questions about the process

There is no set number of sessions you 'have to' have. This is entirely up to you. 

You may have something niggling that you think requires an in-depth, deep-dive discussion and a package would suit you.

Or, you may want to just dip in and out with a 1-1 conversation.

If you'd prefer something a bit more bespoke than the packages below, please do contact me.

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For those who have an idea of what they/want and where they need to get to, but need a helping hand

6 x 1 hour coaching conversations online or in person

2 months of support with unlimited e-mails in between conversation

(Payable up front, or in two instalments over 2 months)


Resolve Package

For those who want a deeper dive into their challenges, to understand as well as to set and achieve goals

9 x 1 hour coaching conversations online or in person

4 months of support with unlimited e-mails in between conversation


(Payable up front, or in 3 instalments over 3 months)

In-Depth Package

For those who are struggling with ongoing challenges or who are committing to a long term decision and need support in the process

12 x 1 hour coaching conversations online or in person

6 months of support with unlimited e-mails in between conversations


(Payable up front, or in 4 instalments over 4 months)

Individual Sessions

For those requiring ad hoc or follow up sessions on an individual basis

Packages, and a commitment, are likely to produce better results for you.

However, there may be times when you need a quick 1 hour conversation - perhaps something urgent has come up, or you're planning for a particular task. Perhaps you're following up after a package, and would appreciate a 'check-in' on your progress?

I'm available for 1-1 coaching conversations that you can book as and when you need them.

(Individual Coaching is £50 per hour)